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We are a small family business working in Yorkshire woodlands; thinning, letting sunlight in, creating and improving wildlife habitats to increase and sustain biodiversity.

We have a strict environmental policy that we try to pass on through our work.

We carry out careful thinning works, often using horses to extract timber because a horse disturbs the woodland floor much less than a tractor. We remove inferior and weak trees in order to improve the health of the woodland. This in turn allows sunlight through to the canopy floor, which encourages the growth and spread of many different wild-flowers and shrubs. It also encourages natural regeneration of the woodland itself.

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We transport the timber to our sawmill in Calverley, West Yorkshire, where we cut it into different lengths, shapoes and sizes for all the different products we make. It is then placed in stick, which means it is stacked on the yard to dry naturally in the air. Once seasoned, we take it round to our workshop, where our artists craftsmen work their magic and create beautiful and useful items.


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